Dear Poop & Scoop

I have had your service since 2003 and have to say that it has been nothing but the best.  I remember the Friday I called you. I was using another company, it was my daughters’ graduation party and I asked if you could come Saturday before noon and clean my yard because the company I was using said no. Without hesitation and without trying to sell us on your service you were there.   That Monday I called you and said thanks again and hired you.  We have been going strong ever since.  Chris you’re a great guy your Scoopers are awesome and I can’t thank you and them enough. 

Thanks again…Jim Fitzpatrick Selden


Dear Chris Poop & Scoop

The service that you provide at my home is better then I could imagine. You’re reliable, kind and my dogs are very excited to say hi when your here.  It is very rare that a service comes when they say they will be there and then do the job as well as you guys at Poop & Scoop.

John West Islip


To my scoopers

I want to thank you for all that you do for me.  You may not know how much it means to see my grandkids enjoy my back yard the way they do. Before you guys, there was poop all over the place and no one would pick it up till I begged.  I also love the fact that on garbage day you guys bring my empty pails up and grab my newspaper and put it by the door that means a lot to a woman my age you are a perfect gentlemen.


Liz McGuire   Bay Port


Dear P&S

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the ad it was like my dreams were answered.  My kids and husband all have some chores to help me out around the house and every time one of them got the scooping duty card it never got done then came the POOP & SCOOP ad and for the price of a chore for my kid to do I got a service that for the past 5 years I can enjoy knowing my yard is going to be POOP free thanks to Poop & Scoop.

Denise E.  Miller Place