Dogs Service

We can do your yard once a week, twice a week, Bi weekly, or once a month.  If what you’re looking for is not listed here, that doesn’t mean we can not accommodate your needs just call tell us what you need and we will work it out.



Occasionally the pet waste is gone but a stool and urine smell still lingers in the air? Poop & Scoop has the solution for you. Lawn deodorizers are designed to remove stool and urine smells from your lawn, pen, and gravel areas. All deodorizers are safe on animal, plants, grass, and humans. Prices are based on the size of area


Geese Cleaning

Our geese service is done once a week, twice a week, Bi weekly, or once a month. We also offer a one time cleaning for parties, BBQ’s or just to start out your warmer months.


Geese repellent lawn service

Our Goose Repellent is a formula which is both a visual and a palatable deterrent.  The formula, made from grape seed extract, is sprayed on the grass/turf and is eco friendly and non toxic.  This formula changes the UV spectrum which makes the grass/turf color appear different to the geese.

The second part of the formula makes the grass/turf distasteful to the geese, which makes them want to feed elsewhere. (Price is based on property size) Call for a free estimate.


Kitty Litter exchange program

At Poop & Scoop we believe every pet deserves a clean, fresh, healthy environment.

Poop & Scoop Kitty litter exchange program is a complete litter box service that keeps your cat's litter box clean and fresh and eliminates the hassle of buying, transporting and storing large and heavy bags of kitty litter!

With our revolutionary litter box service for cat owners we provide the kitty litter so you NEVER HAVE TO BUY KITTY LITTER AGAIN

How Does Our Kitty Litter Exchange program work?

We know you are busy, so our service is focused on ease of use and convenience for you! There is no need to be home to use our service; in fact there is no need for us to ever step foot in your home. On the day your litter box is due to be serviced, simply crack open your clean, fresh, and deodorized litter box from your last visit and leave them out for your cat(s) to use. Next place the dirty used boxes outside for us to service. Our litter boxes come with a secure lid to keep the contents contained the day of your service.

For a small monthly fee, Poop & Scoop will come to your home and pickup the dirty litter boxes, clean and disinfect the litter box, and refill the litter box with fresh litter and drop those ones off when we come back to pickup the other dirty litter boxes. Clients generally like weekly service, but we can come more or less often depending on your needs. Cost varies based on the frequency and number of litter boxes cleaned.

Because many cat owners need to scoop waste from the box between services, we also provide you with a small container full of fresh litter so you can top off your litter box as needed to keep it at an appropriate depth for your cat between our visits.